TimberCraft’s Positive Energy Program

Home buyers are increasingly aware of the importance of having an energy efficient home. Those small drafts, old appliances, and single-pane windows — among other small and large home issues — quickly add up to higher energy costs each year. If you’re in the market for a new home, turn to TimberCraft, your best home builder in OKC for homes built to OG&E Positive Energy Home Program standards.

State and local homes are built to certain basic energy standards, but with a TimberCraft home, you have one that is built to a higher standard in efficiency, which saves you money, as well as energy. No matter the season, you are sure to see savings. This is why choosing to have a well-built new home can be a big money saver in the long run. You not only have fewer household repairs to deal with in the immediate future, but you also have newer appliances and building standards that make a difference right away.

An OG&E Positive Energy Homes takes into consideration all of the various factors that go into making a home efficient. One of the biggest ways they improve your home is by reducing the amount of drafts by at least 50%. All homes have drafts, even new ones. The key to TimberCraft’s ability to reduce drafts is that they not only use excellent insulation, but they install it properly and test throughout the installation. They also include much more blocking with every elevation change within the home, further reducing drafts from room to room.

Of course the attic is carefully insulated and sealed, but throughout the home, there is sealing from top to bottom and even between boards.

Windows play an important role in a home’s efficiency. TimberCraft uses high-performance windows that have 50% more insulating value than typical windows, but all the homeowner sees is a beautiful window. During hot Oklahoma summers, the heat from outside is prevented from entering the home, keeping you much more comfortable and reducing some of your cooling costs. The heating and cooling equipment is also held to a higher standard. A standard home may have up to 32% duct leakage, whereas with a TimberCraft OG&E Positive Energy Home, there is no more than 5% duct leakage. You also have four different types of heating and cooling systems from which to choose

At the end of the building process they once again test the entire home and all of its systems to make sure it is working as efficiently as possible. The home buyer can see the reports to understand how the home will rate among the energy efficiency ratings, as well as among other standard homes.

By choosing TimberCraft, a leading home builder in OKC, you can feel confident that your home will be comfortable in both style and environment, all the while saving you money with its high level of energy efficiency. Contact them today to learn more about the OG&E Positive Energy Homes.

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