TimberCraft Interactive Floor Plan Designer Now Live

TimberCraft Homes introduces its new interactive home builder floor plan designer tool. Available on their website, this entertaining and informative tool lets customers develop a better feel for their new home.

When purchasing a home that is already built, it is easy to see the dimension and layout. However, when purchasing a home that is built for you, picturing the size and layout can be harder. Do you want the larger patio? Which size kitchen island will work best for you? Will the furniture fit properly or will the flow be awkward? Fortunately, with this new designer tool, you can better visualize your home’s floor plan.

This easy-to-use tool allows customers to customize their design with personalized options. Perhaps barn doors for the study entrance add the style and privacy you want. If you have a large family or entertain often, that double-wide refrigerator might be a good choice. There are also patio extension options, garage extensions, kitchen island extensions, double or single front doors, and multiple master bathroom layouts. Equally useful is the ability to place furniture in the plan to get a feel for the layout and even place components like ceiling fan pre-wires and electrical outlets, so you don’t suddenly find yourself with electronics and not enough outlets.

This latest tool in home design was created by Outhouse Interactive. They work hard to create a home builder floor plan designer tool that is intuitive and engaging. Simple and fun, this tool can be used anywhere, even on mobile devices. In addition, users can save various floor plan combinations to revisit and discuss with other family members. There is also an option for adding notes right there on the plan. This way ideas and concerns aren’t forgotten and they can all be discussed from the comfort of home or wherever the users may be. This tool is just one more way TimberCraft Homes ensures a no-surprises building experience.

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