TimberCraft Homes Specializes in Modern Home Design

There is a growing demand for more modern architectural home designs as homebuyers look for something new and different. While Modernism actually dates back to the 1950s, the design elements still seem fresh and are interpreted in new ways in contemporary design. For those looking for new homes in OKC that truly reflect modern home design, TimberCraft is the only builder to turn to in the market.

Modernism was a reaction against the heavy, highly decorated, more traditional style of architectural design. Gone are the ornate columns, arches, and other details harkening back to Greek temples, Tudor mansions, and even turreted castles. Instead, the aim was for simplicity in line, form, and function. Rather than lots of individual rooms, there was an open plan design. That openness encompassed the home’s exterior, with simple, geometric lines and large windows. Materials changed, as well, shifting from wood to steel and concrete.

Modernism often required a certain amount of minimalism, but as builders continued to explore the clean lines, they also recognized the need for a softer touch, particularly in homes. Contemporary architecture has taken the clean, open plan of Modernism, but injected more warmth, as well as attention to sustainable building elements. The modern designs of TimberCraft Homes keep the clean, geometric lines of Modernism, including a connection between the indoors and outdoors, but also uses materials that are more natural, such as wood-like siding, brick, and stone. Equally importantly, they use modern building practices to make their homes energy efficient and up-to-date for modern needs and expectations. The result is a modern home with a human touch.

Home designs like the Alamosa are just one of the many floor plans that TimberCraft offers with various elevation choices from Arts and Crafts to Contemporary. The home incorporates natural light, a spacious, open layout, and indoor/outdoor living enhanced by an oversized covered patio. These are the kind of features that Modernism was founded on and that TimberCraft designs so beautifully. They are the only builders of modern architectural new homes in OKC, but they offer a variety of design options to give you your dream modern home.

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