Things to Do Right Now to Be Ready for Thanksgiving


Halloween is over, but there’s one more big celebration before Christmas. Thanksgiving is fast approaching and to be prepared, you have to start planning now. Homes in Edmond OK are already gearing up for the big feast of thanks, making plans, buying turkeys, and finalizing the guest list. Starting your preparation now actually allows you to better enjoy the holiday and avoid a lot of the stress. Here are some tips on what to do now to make life easier come Thanksgiving day.

Go ahead and plan your menu now and start doing some of the shopping. There are usually enough non-perishable items that you can buy in advance, such as wine, non-alcoholic drinks, and canned items. By planning your menu early, you can keep an eye out for sales, which will be a welcome money saver for an expensive meal. By shopping in smaller batches, it’s also easier to spread out the costs instead of doing one big shop at the last minute.

Once you have your menu set, you can plan your cooking schedule. Some items can be prepared in advance and put in the freezer, so go ahead and start clearing out space in your freezer. This will also come in handy afterward if you have leftovers and homemade stock to freeze. A detailed schedule for the day before and the day of Thanksgiving may seem excessive, but this way you don’t forget anything.

Try to do as much of the prep work and cooking in advance so you’re not short on space in the oven and stove top on the big day. Also, if you’re trying out any new dishes, give them a test run in advance to make sure they taste the way you want and so you know how long they really take to prepare.

Finally, in these weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, homes in Edmond OK should get a good cleaning so that they’re ready for guests. You don’t want to be worrying about deep cleaning guest rooms and bathrooms while you’re juggling grandma’s special dressing recipe.

By doing as much work in advance and making a detailed schedule for the days leading up to the big feast, you won’t be as rushed and there’s less chance of forgetting anything important. You may even have time to sit down and enjoy a nice glass of wine – just to make sure it will pair well with the turkey, of course!


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