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There are several important differences. True Custom Builders are often small companies or single individuals who build a “made-to-order” home from the ground up, to your exact specifications. As the homeowner, you are often responsible for providing the homesite, but not always.

Pros: You get exactly what you want; you get a one-of-a-kind home…sometimes (most custom builders buy mass-marketed plans and do not have the capacity to design their own).

Cons: The biggest con is price–custom homes are often up to twice as much per square foot (so you get half the home for the money). Time is another factor–it takes quite a while to build a home from the ground up. And hassle is the most common complaint; the “contractor horror stories” you’ve heard about are usually coming from custom builds.

Production builders are the “big boy” companies. They build in volume, and usually have homes in various stages of construction from not-started to totally complete. These homes are usually “McHomes” that lack distinction.

Pros: Price is the biggest advantage–production builders are able to leverage their size and experience to get you the most square footage for your money. And their timelines make getting in and owning the home quick and easy.

Cons: These houses are called “McHomes” for a reason–they are basically the same home, over and over, with the home you buy often exactly the same as another home on your block. And the cheap price often reflects poorer quality construction.


Timbercraft is a production builder with high quality, customize-able homes–think Chipotle rather than McDonalds. With 13 different Master designs, and up to 4 different elevations with each, plus the options for colors, cabinets, trim, upgrades, and more, your Timbercraft home will truly have your own stamp and be one-of-a-kind–no 2 Timbercraft homes are the same. And unlike other high-volume production builders, we take the time for quality, with California T’s, bullnose corners, quartz, custom cabinetry, low-E windows, fiber cement siding, architectural shingles, R-38 insulation…and on and on…proving that Timbercraft Homes is setting the standard not only for individuality, but also for quality.

Contact any Timbercraft Homes Community Manager for more information on how we can get started building your home.

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