Multi-generational Living The TimberCraft Way

When you think of multi-generational living, you probably imagine everyone from grandparents to grand-kids living together in one home. Sometimes it’s for health reasons, sometimes it’s for financial reasons, and sometimes it’s simply because a family is tight-knit. While these kinds of homes are on the rise, there’s another type of multi-generational living also on the rise: multiple generations living in separate new homes in Oklahoma City, but in the same neighborhood.

Overall, there has been a strong increase in the number of multi-generation households in the US. By the middle of this decade, approximately 20% of the American population lived in multi-generational homes, with roughly 27 million people living in three-generation homes. In many cases, it was the financial strain of the Great Recession that caused adult children to move back home, or parents to move in with their adult children. However, as the financial strain has lessened, many families realize they like their generational living arrangements.

With childcare costs often taking half of a family’s dual income, having grandparents around to care for the children provides multiple benefits. Besides the financial reduction, children tend to do better in school, and older adults tend to live longer, healthier lives thanks to both physical and mental stimulation. Of course, caregiving for senior citizens is also easier when they are close.

Many homes are specifically being designed and built to provide the necessary space needed for multi-generational households. Sometimes it includes multiple large living areas and bedrooms or even separate small homes on site that provide some privacy and independence while still keeping everyone together. In other cases, such as the Chisholm Creek Farms community in Edmond, OK, multiple generations of families are buying their own homes within the same neighborhood.

This particular approach to multi-generational living works for a broad cross-section of the populace. Families that have recently moved to the US appreciate being able to maintain their family ties as they settle into their new homes. Adult children with young families of their own appreciate having their own parents close at hand for help, while there’s also peace of mind for adult children who want to be able to check on the well-being of their parents daily. It also allows seniors to maintain their independence longer and can be less expensive than moving to a retirement community.

Whether you’re looking at new homes in Oklahoma City that will house multiple generations or are looking for communities where multiple generations can live close by, TimberCraft Homes offers a range of choices. Build a new home from scratch to fit every generation’s needs or look for multiple available homes in family friendly communities like Chisholm Creek Farms where there are walking trails, convenient shopping and a sense of community that makes every generation feel at home.

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