Model Home Ideas for Your Own Home

You’ve purchased one of the Timbercraft homes in Moore OK and you’re planning how to decorate your beautiful new home. You’ve probably been devouring design magazines, spending hours on Pinterest, and are up to your eyeballs in paint chips. After all, a newly built home is the perfect chance to truly start fresh with your home without having to incorporate existing elements that aren’t your style. While you’re planning, don’t forget to look at the Timbercraft model homes. They can provide fantastic inspiration for your new home.

Model homes are a great source of inspiration for color themes. While they tend to use colors that will appeal to a broad range of people, they’re not afraid to use color. They frequently feature statement walls with a strong or bold color that draws the eye in, while leaving the rest of the walls more neutral so that the room isn’t overwhelmed. These statement walls are great for framing a bed or an entertainment wall. Alternatively, some model homes add bold color in their use of accessories, such as rugs, throw pillows, flowers, and artwork, as well as color combinations.

As well as seeing how to incorporate bold colors, model homes are ideal for showing you how to use a unified color theme throughout the home. This doesn’t necessarily mean having the same color throughout the house; you can use different shades and tones, ranging from cabinets, to wall color, to furnishings, to create a visual color flow that gives your home an overall finished look.

It’s easy to get stuck in a design rut and arrange furniture the same way you had it in your last home. However, when you look at a model home, it’s easy to find new inspiration for a variety of rooms. Try moving more of your furniture away from the walls or put your bed in a different location than you normally would.

Sometimes when you purchase one of the homes in Moore OK, you may find yourself with an extra room or a space you aren’t sure how to use. Turning to the model home for ideas can open you up to new possibilities, whether it’s a cozy reading nook, a craft room, or just a way to decorate that one corner in a room.

Finally, if you have young children and want to get some ideas for how to create a kid’s room that will grow with them, while also giving them room to express their own interests, model homes are a great source of inspiration. They typically find the balance so that the rooms have character without being over the top.

When you buy a Timbercraft custom home, you can work directly with the team to choose the design elements that feel right for you. With their beautiful model homes available for viewing, you will find yourself spoilt for choice and inspiration.

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