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When you work with TimberCraft, you have the option of choosing one of our move-in ready, available homes or working with us to design and build your home. Building a home with us gives you the opportunity to create a home that is uniquely yours — we seek your involvement in big decisions like appliances as well as small details like the style of your door handles. Our goal is to build a home you will treasure for many years to come.

If you haven’t gone through the home building experience before, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by all the choices. That’s why, at TimberCraft, we’ve designed a six-meeting building process to ensure that we’re on the same page, working as partners throughout your build. Our building process means no unwanted surprises — everything is clear up front, giving you peace of mind.

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The TimberCraft No-Surprises Building Experience

Get to know our process and prepare to embark on an exciting home building journey.

Deciding to Build with TimberCraft

Making the decision to build your dream home with TimberCraft usually begins with selecting a TimberCraft community. Once you’ve decided where you want to live and you understand the features and amenities of your future community, a TimberCraft Community Manager will guide you through the available home sites and home plan options. We have over a dozen different master designs, each with up to four different elevations, from traditional to contemporary — and this is only the start of the personalization process. Once your financing is in order, we’ll officially kick things off.


Meeting 1: The Architectural Plan Meeting

TimberCraft provides you with an unparalleled list of finish options with which to personalize your new home. These choices bring fun and flexibility to the homebuilding process, and to help facilitate, you’ll have a dedicated interior designer to serve as your guide.

During the Architectural Plan Meeting, you and your designer will discuss the floor plan and elevation you’ve selected, along with any upgrade options or contract write-ins. Then, you’ll start the selection process by choosing your exterior brick, paint, and windows, as well as your first interior selections:sinks, doors, and countertops. After this meeting, we’ll be able to finalize your floor plans.

Meeting 2: The Selection Meeting

We call this the “fun stuff”! During this meeting, you’ll select options for your backsplash, floor tile, carpet, and wood — all the details that make your home feel truly yours. Come prepared with your ideas and inspirations, and we’ll help you browse samples and work with you to find finishes that fit within your budget.

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Once you’ve confirmed your interior selections, we enter them into our design database. Then, we prepare your house start pack and produce necessary purchase orders for your home so that our team can order your materials and any special items you may have selected. This information is then processed and integrated into our construction schedule.

Meeting 3: Pre-Construction Meeting

This meeting gives you the opportunity to get to know the superintendent who will oversee the construction of your home and who will personally ensure that all your custom selections are installed. During this meeting, you’ll see first-hand your builder’s training, experience, understanding, and the pride they take in their work as they walk through your floor plan and discuss your home personalization choices. Your building superintendent will take this chance to explain some construction details and take you through your pre-construction checklist. Be prepared to ask any questions you have about the construction process. Once this meeting is complete and the appropriate permits are in place, building can begin!

While no two custom homes are exactly alike, the construction of your home will generally progress through these stages. Many factors, both naturally occurring (weather) and man-made (material supplies or contractor shortages) can alter your timeline. We’ll keep you informed on your home’s progress on a weekly basis.

Meeting 4: The Frame Walk

After the framing and basic mechanical work on your home is complete, you will be able to view both the inside and outside of your home. This meeting occurs prior to the installation of drywall so that you can better visualize the placement of details such as phone and cable TV outlets in each room. As you walk through, you’ll review the plumbing, heating and cooling systems in your home and confirm correct installation of your structural selections.

Meeting 5: The Trim Walk Thru

This meeting takes place after your drywall, trim, and cabinets are installed and before interior paint is done. At this point, you can better visualize the location of design components such as tile, paint, backsplash, and countertops. You can see your home really start to come together and begin to live up to your vision. Once this meeting has taken place, your builder will be able to set a firmer closing date for your home.

Running parallel to all the construction work, your TimberCraft team will work with you, your lender, and the title company to gather and process the appropriate paperwork, from various inspections to the appraisal and loan documents. We’ll also bring in a third-party home inspector to ensure that the home is to TimberCraft standards. While we go about the process of adding the finishing touches to your home, you should be in close communication with your lender and submit all requested documentation in order to close on time.

Meeting 6: The Home Buyers Orientation

You’re almost home! One week before your closing, we’ll hold an orientation in your new home. We’ll use this time to go over any final minor items that need to be addressed and to show you how your new appliances function.

Becoming a TimberCraft Homeowner

You made it! You’ll go to the title company, and after spending about an hour signing (and signing and signing…) you’ll be presented with the keys to your TimberCraft home. Settle in, and we hope you make wonderful memories there.

The stages of construction


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