Fun and Festive Christmas Decor Colors

Red and green may be the default Christmas decor color scheme, but that doesn’t mean you can’t step outside the beautifully gift-wrapped box and come up with something even more fun and festive. After all, red and green may not be the perfect match for the interiors of some of the homes in Edmond OK, so here are some other color combinations that may just help you get into the holiday spirit.

If your home — particularly your living room — has an understated, natural color scheme, you may prefer to stick with earthier colors such as green, cream, and brown. They call to mind pine forests and snowy landscapes. There are numerous shades of green that you can use, from deep green to soft sage, for everything from Christmas stockings to gift-wrap ribbon. Artfully arranged stacks of logs and apothecary jars full of glittery cream ornaments bring a sense of the season without overwhelming the room.

Similarly, if you want to keep a more neutral color scheme, but want more pizzazz, go with a few metallic pieces in silver, gold, and/or rose gold. Ornaments, candlesticks, ribbons, wreaths, and wrapping paper are an easy way to add some sparkle without looking garish. Finish off with some throw pillows with gold or silver patterns and prints.

Alternatively, shades of blue, green, and cream suit the season perfectly. Create a color scheme that would make Elsa from Frozen feel right at home with lots of snowy white accented with deep blue velvet ribbons, pillows, candles, and vases. Or, if you’re dreaming of the beach during these cooler months, use pale shades of blue, green, or teal, with a few white accents, such as white decorative shells and starfish to create a coastal-inspired Christmas.

Finally, if you like the basic color scheme of red and green, but want to update it, consider cranberry and teal. This color combination pops and adds new life to holiday decorations, while still providing a feeling of seasonal tradition. Try using teal wrapping paper accented with cranberry ribbon. The dining rooms of homes in Edmond OK will look festive and bright with teal tablecloths accented with cranberry-colored glasses or plates, or a centerpiece made of a white decorative bowl holding a mix of pine cones and cranberry-colored ornaments.

Whether you choose pretty in pink (and green) or a patriotic red, white, and blue color scheme, have fun with your colors. Don’t feel like you have to decorate the whole house in a particular color scheme, either. Pick one room to play with this year or even just one color to focus on and you’ll soon have a fun, festive display for the whole family to enjoy.


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