TimberCraft “No Surprises Building Experience”

The Homeowner’s Journal

How do you find the best quality home builders in the Oklahoma City area when so many companies sound alike? If you haven’t gone through the home building experience before, it’s easy to become overwhelmed when everyone talks about quality, energy efficiency, innovative designs, and great customer service. Of course you want all of that, but how do you choose the right builder to build your dream home?

Compare the process! At TimberCraft, we don’t like surprises and we know that people building their dream home don’t like them either. To ensure a positive building experience, we’ve designed a 6 meeting process to keep the buyer fully informed throughout their build.  It’s also aimed at removing uncertainty and unwanted surprises from the building process, especially financial shocks. Everything is clear up front.

If you’re considering building a new home, come visit us at TimberCraft Homes and give us 15 minutes to explain our “No Surprises Home Building Experience”. Once you learn about our building process, making the final choice won’t be difficult. We’re confident that we offer something that makes us stand out from our competitors: peace of mind!

Building your Dream Home is as easy as 6 simple steps!

Architectural Plan Meeting: Meeting 1
Designer meets with you to discuss floor plan and elevation selected. Discuss any upgrade options or contract write-ins. Start the selection process on exterior brick, paint, and windows. Discuss interior selection such as sinks, doors, countertops, ect.

Selection Meeting: Meeting 2
Pick out the selections for backsplash, floor tile, carpet, and wood based on your budget.

Pre-Construction Meeting: Meeting 3
This meeting give the homeowner the opportunity to speak with the superintendent that will be building their home. The superintendent’s walk thru the floor plan and discuss final upgrades from the design meeting.

Frame Walk: Meeting 4
Point out the location of light switches, TV outlets, and water shut off locations. This is done once all the mechanical have been installed in the home; Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing and Low V.

Trim Walk Thru: Meeting 5
Walk thru room by room to discuss the trim layout, cabinet layout and any drywall. This walk is done once the trim is installed before interior paint starts.

Home Buyers Orientation: Meeting 6
Show how items and appliances in the home function.  This meeting will take place a week before closing. Home inspection items are to be completed and cleaned before this meeting. If there are minor items that need touched up – document, discuss and fix.

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