Differences Between Pre-sale New Construction and Inventory Spec Homes

When it comes to real estate, there are so many new words and jargon to learn that it can seem overwhelming. Mortgage terms alone need their own dictionary. The differences in newly constructed homes may also seem confusing at first, but if you’re looking at homes for sale in OKC, here are the main differences between pre-sale new construction homes and inventory spec homes. Both are brand new construction; they simply offer different levels of personalization.

When you choose pre-sale new construction homes, you’re essentially involved in the process from the ground up, often even determining the specific piece of ground on which you build. These are the homes in which you can often make some alterations to the basic floor plan, as well as customize both interior and exterior elements, ensuring you get a home that truly matches up to your dreams and preferences.

Alternatively, with inventory spec homes — or spec homes — you still get a brand new home, but with fewer personalized elements. These are homes that the builder has already begun and some or all of the interior and exterior choices, such as colors, materials, and finishes, may have already been chosen. While these homes may not offer the satisfaction of choosing all of the various design elements, they are still built to a high level and are attractive homes in their own rights. Best of all, if you don’t have time to dedicate to having a new home built from the ground up, these homes are either a few weeks away from being finished or are completely done and ready for you.

Whether you choose a pre-sale new construction home or an inventory spec home, you know you are getting a brand new home. If you don’t have the interest in or time to choose a home that must be built from scratch, a spec home is an excellent value. Many people automatically look to pre-owned homes, thinking they’re more convenient or affordable, yet inventory spec homes are definitely worth exploring. After all, you get the benefits of new home construction and don’t have to worry about what are often costly repairs in resale homes.

New homes — whether pre-sale new construction or inventory spec homes — are built to the latest code requirements, are more energy efficient, are move-in ready, require no remodeling, and they even feature the latest design trends. Because of all of these important elements, they also have a much higher resale value. If you’re in the market for homes for sale in OKC, contact TimberCraft today to explore all of your new-home options.

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